Who are and how did we get here?

Welcome to the 'Welsh Jerky Co'

Im glad you've found us because your going to be in for a real treat!

Ok heres our story.......

Daniel Davies and Owen Griffiths were sitting in a pub during January 2015 having a few quiet drinks and started talking about beef jerky and how flavoursome it was. Both were talking passionately about how the market was saturated with inferior products and how the 'big companies had jumped on the band wagon' with Jerky you can't even chew and which is tasteless.

A revelation came upon them and the idea of the 'Welsh Jerky Co' was born!

Over the following months we started researching the idea and began experimenting with flavours. Our product was finally launched in January 2017!





The 'Welsh Jerky Co' was launched in December 2016. With a market saturated with inferior beef jerky products both founders Daniel Davies and Owen Griffiths



We take great pride in producing biltong to the best of our ability and each step of production is a careful process from slicing the beef, roasting the spices, slowly marinating and finally air drying to perfection. All our flavours are packed in a variety of sizes and we also sell Variety Packs, including all our



The original Welsh Jerky! Accept no imitations!